Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday dinner?

It's my birthday in a couple days and I always get to choose the family dinner. Last year we went to Benihana's and my sister was sooo picky. So this year, I need a diverse place. Or somewhere where they cook fried chicken. Hahaha. ANy sugesstions?|||Go to the Cheesecake Factory, that way everyone is happy!

The food is good %26amp; the menu diverse, plus the desserts are heavenly!

HAPPY BDAY!!|||Lucille's BBQ has fried chicken and lots of other stuff! its inexpensive and a really fun environment

happy birthday|||Well, it's YOUR day! You are so nice to consider your sister's likes! I am at a loss, the only places that come to mind are Appleby's and the Hometown Buffet! Happy birthday, my son's is the 5th!|||Try to go to a korean restaurant; they have diverse kind of foods and they are all nutritious and delicious.Happy birthday.|||KFC has fried chicken. haha. no, but I would go somewhere you want to go because it's your birthday. Your sister should just be happy to celebrate with you. Or go to a buffet somewhere- there's always tons of food to choose from.

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